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They play pretty football, but they lack firepower. Smart investments need to be made before the end of the transfer window if they going to make the bookies look like fools. All eyes will be on chairman Tony Khan in the hope that he not too distracted by his American wrestling company to do the necessary work..

Such concerns provide the impetus to maximize the utility of existing protocols before attempting the development of novel dedicated techniques.In this thesis, three investigations, each targeting a different DTI application, are presented. The strategy implemented throughout involves assessing the suitability of existing sequences for the intended task, and determining any limiting factors, evaluating whether appropriate modifications of the acquisition protocols used are capable of alleviating limitations, and developing novel, dedicated protocols wherever necessary. The value and, importantly, the wide scope of this approach in answering important research questions is exemplified through the breadth of the studies presented.The first study presents, for the first time, a quantitative evaluation of the effects of cardiac pulsation on prevalent DTI metrics acquired with a specific acquisition protocol used routinely in clinical practice.

Christmas can be stressful at the best of times, so at the worst of times, ie, during a global pandemic, emotions will be extra high. From separated families to friends reunited, this year Yuletide will require an extra dose of fortitude as we navigate the conundrum that is keeping our perpetual inner teenager in check around our parents (whether in real life or on Zoom), while pacifying actual teenagers within the family. With that in mind, here are three mindfulness podcasts, to help you through the next few weeks..

Right now, it appears that the shooting was not a deliberate act. Video from the bus appears to show a group of teens in the back of the bus handling a gun before it accidentally discharged. We know one male teen was shot in the leg and another was grazed by the bullet and left before his would could be examined by emergency medical personnel..

(On past iPhones, you would just press the home button twice to open the app switcher.)Apple has included a shortcut on the phone called Reachability, which lowers the top of the screen to make it easier for one handed users to reach for buttons or apps on the top row with their thumb. To engage it, swipe downward from the bottom of the screen. Yet it often took me multiple attempts to swipe the sweet spot before successfully opening it.

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