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When submitting figures such as graphs, scattergrams, and histograms, please provide the numerical data on which they are based. We may decide that data presented in a histogram would be clearer and more useful in a table. The BMJ redraws some technical figures and line drawings, so please supply these in a clear enough format for our artist to follow..

Also, the current batch of Nexus smartphones has “Nexus” logo as well as the name and logo of the manufacturer on the back of the smartphone. The report claims that moving forward Nexus smartphones may have Google brand plastered on them. The company reportedly intends to compete with Apple in the high end smartphone market..

While it’s nigh on impossible to ascertain in 1997 terms, it’s worth noting that Engadine Maccas is currently open 24/7, while KFC Engadine closes at 11pm on Saturdays. Assuming the Sharks game ended at around 10pm, and allowing 30 minutes to celebrate, exit the stadium, and get to a car, that leaves around 30 minutes to get from Shark Park to Engadine, meaning there’s a good chance the KFC may have been closed at the point Morrison arrived, batter on deck. Or at the very least they would not have been receptive to last minute toilet loiterers..

Drivers, and bicyclists, are strongly urged to use an abundance of caution, especially on the residential streets where a hard pack of snow remains from the last storm. The predicted rains will wash away the sand previously applied for traction, plus it could freeze as temperatures drop. This will result in very slick conditions..

Many Asian owned businesses in Portland, Oregon were vandalized and had windows smashed. In the last week of January, 13 businesses in the Jade District of East Portland were vandalized, according to Williamette Week. At least nine of the businesses were Asian owned, including My Brother’s Crawfish, Hanoi Kitchen, Utopia Restaurant Lounge, Buddy’s Lounge, Fujiyama, and Toast La Tea, according to Oregon Live.

I did in 2013. It great. The four required courses all culminate to one final screenplay. Our mind has a proclivity to run in multiple directions. Under the different pretexts, it wanders to the past, revelling in happy moments of yore or dissecting some old traumatic memories and alternatively, it hurtles towards an unknown future, weaving pleasurable daydreams or fretting about imaginary catastrophes. These ruminations around ‘what was’ or ‘what will be’ push us in a state of psychological haze and consequently, we neglect what is real our ‘here and now’.

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