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I don’t fault anyone for AFK farming when it doesn’t affect anyone, but I find it weird that people are trying to defend it as some sort of reaction to the state of leveling in the game. If people found this shit at any point in the game’s lifespan, they would be doing it. You don’t have to defend yourself.

Effective at 10:00pm, June 25, 2020, Public Health Madison Dane County is issuing order 6 , which keeps Dane County in Phase 2. The order limits private gatherings and adjusts language regarding capacity limits for bars and restaurants. All other parts of the Phase 2 order have carried over to this new order..

In addition to keeping your town safe and extinguishing fires, many local fire departments also offer informational programs that teach safe habits and practices to children, as well as planning in the event of an emergency. Many also work in conjunction with local organizations such as the Boy Scouts or Rotary Clubs to make sure that American Flags are retired safely and properly under the supervision of a trained firefighting professional. There are also volunteer opportunities available at many local fire departments, offering you a chance to give back to your community, and protect your neighbors.

Thank you for asking politely: It does nothing for me in that: if I continue to make my minimum payments, based on my income based plan, my payments go from $0, to $0; and after 15 years of making those minimum payments, that amount is forgiven. So reducing the total amount owed, does nothing. Or: I work for a non profit for 5 years and all of that is erased.

Not to mention, the burden in an appeal from a denial of FOIA rights is not on me. It on the Secretary of State office to prove that the records were properly withheld. Asking me for my witnesses, without making them make a case, ignores the presumption in favor of disclosure in the FOIA..

The spring 2019 prescribed burn season is about to begin. The City of Madison, Parks Division and Engineering Division will be conducting prescribed burns in natural areas and native plantings in greenways, conservation parks, and certain portions of other City of Madison parks. Prescribed burns are an important management tool for Wisconsin’s native plant communities, which depend on fire to sustain them..

David Kahn, a married father of two, has developed a strategy for earning points that’s paying off. At every opportunity, he double or triple dips while shopping or travelling. All purchases are made on a points earning card, and when he travels, he’ll fly with an airline and stay at a hotel that earns points as well.

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