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Certainly Prime Minister Trudeau has the power to keep Windsor on the map. (Don’t send them as attachments; put them in the body of the emails.) Letters must include your full name, address and phone number. (We will only publish your name and the municipality where you live.) Letters must be fewer than 300 words.

Seven mutant lines were identified as showing altered leaf morphologies and were termed alm mutants.alm1, alm5 and alm6 displayed a reduced interveinal distance between neighbouring veins, a common feature of C4 plants with Kranz anatomy, whilst alm1 and alm5 also displayed a reduction in the size of minor veins. Alm3 and alm4 produced significantly thicker leaves than wild type plants, whilst the leaves of alm7 were significantly thinner.A detailed anatomical characterisation of leaf structure revealed that alm3, alm4 and alm5 plants all displayed a significant reduction in the size of mesophyll cells and that for all the mutant lines, the distance between veins was strongly correlated with mesophyll cell size rather than the number of mesophyll cells spanning the interveinal regions.Physiological properties of the alm lines were investigated using infra red gas analysis (IRGA) measurements of gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence. It was shown that none of the mutant lines displayed an increase in photosynthetic capacity when compared to wild type plants, even in lines which were shown to possess what was thought to be a favourable leaf anatomy, quite possibly a result of widespread effects of the mutation process.

As we struggle to the finish line of 2020, one thing we now know is that we weren all in this together. Some people had it tougher than others. For the masses of young singletons, deprived of the chance to chat people up in bars, the year was particularly grim, and Netflix has a dollop of fantasy to soothe the pain.

The Rev. Emma Lozano of Pilsen’s Lincoln United Methodist Church was cautiously hopeful last year when she asked members of her church whether they would get the coronavirus vaccine once it became available. Nearly all said yes: Many had lost loved ones to the disease that has disproportionately killed Latinos in Chicago..

Aurora is the only Canadian marijuana company to launch two billion dollar takeovers. To secure both, it has relied on the same playbook: Privately negotiating with its targets’ largest shareholders, rather than wooing management or directors. Story (Tim Kiladze and Christina Pellegrini, for subscribers).

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