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Dark mode has started appearing for select users but there’s no option to manually turn it on right now. There is a way to find out if you can be part of the test, according to 9to5Google. Opening an incognito tab on Google Chrome shows a box with the message “Dark theme is now available.” It also has a shortcut button that lets users through which users can turn on dark mode..

The rationale behind this study is that time series forecasting problems can be treated as optimisation problems, where the objective is to minimise the forecasting error.The research topic is very interesting from a theoretical and mathematical prospective. LP is a very strong tool but simple to use; hence, an LP based approach will give to forecasters the opportunity to do accurate forecasts quickly and easily. In addition, the flexibility of LP can help analysts to deal with situations that other methods cannot deal with.The study consists of five parts where the parameters of forecasting models are estimated by using LP to minimise one or more accuracy (error) indices (sum of absolute deviations SAD, sum of absolute percentage errors SAPE, maximum absolute deviation MaxAD, absolute differences between deviations ADBD and absolute differences between percentage deviations ADBPD).

Clinicians typically use findings from cohort studies to objectively inform judgements regarding the potential (dis)advantages of prescribing a new prosthetic device. However, before finalising prescription a clinician will typically ask a patient to ‘try out’ a change of prosthetic device while the patient is at the clinic. Observed differences in gait when using the new device should be the result of the device’s mechanical function, but could also conceivably be due to patient related factors which can change from day to day and can thus make device comparisons unreliable.

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