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LOMBOK – Indonesia

Located in the heart of Kuta, on the South Coast of Lombok. Only 25 minutes by car from the new Lombok International Airport. Positioned on the corner opposite Discovery Lombok Coffee House and Geckos Lounge & Bar. 300m to the Beach and a short distance to some of the best local Surf Breaks. Conveniently located next to many Restaurants, Bars, Shops, Supermarkets and Medical Centre.

Surfing Guide to Lombok

Lombok is starting to become known as a world-class surfing destination and still flies under the radar as a surfers paradise. There are many quality waves that stretch along this picturesque part of south Lombok.
Rent a scooter with a surf rack and explore this area – for some of the best kept secret spots. Desert Point was recently voted as the ‘Best Wave on the Planet’. For surf reports and updates go to Inside Gerupuk Surf Report and forecasts. Or www.wannasurflombok

Lombok has good waves all year round even in the wet season, as the trade-winds are off-shore in Lombok where Bali is usually blown-out at this time of year.

Gerupuk Bay – is a huge bay consisting of many waves working in all types of conditions, depending on the size of the swell. Basically you can always get a wave in Gerupuk Bay.

ARE GULING Right – Left Coral Reef All Surfers Left and right, hollow fast inside sections. Has reasonable protection from wind. Usually un-crowded.Swell – SSW

Wind – Off shore wind – N

Tide – mid to high tide

BELONGAS Right – Left Coral Reef Experienced Surfers N/A
D.F.B.S Left Coral Reef Pro’s N/A
DESERT POINT (Bangko Bangko) Left Coral Reef Experienced Surfers Desert Point is a hollow left-hand barrel breaking across a coral reef. 300m rides. Voted best wave on the planet. Bring your best tube-riding board.Swell – Off shore wind – N

Wind – SE

Tide – mid-tide

GERUPUK – Outsides Right Coral Reef Experienced Surfers Bombora-style A-frame peak. Right-hander off the cliff face has plenty of power. Breaks consistently on any south swell – but easily blown out by south wind – exposed position.Wind – WNW

Tide – mid to high

GERUPUK – Insides Right – Left Soft Reef All Surfers/ Experienced Surfers Long right-hand wave and shorter left. Best surfed 3-6 foot. Does have some power, can handle 10 foot plus. Soft reef. Access by Boat only. Fun but can get crowdedSwell – SW

Wind – NE

Tide – mid to high

DON DONS Right – Left Soft Reef All Surfers In the middle of Gerupuk Bay. Left and Right gentle building wave, easy take offs, long walling wave more suited for learners and beginners. But when swell gets 6 foot plus – great wave for the more experienced. boat needed to get to the break.Wind – N, NE

Tide – Mid Tide

TANJUNG AAN Right Coral Reef Experienced Surfers 8kms East of Kuta. Beautiful white sandy beach with an outer coral reef break. Can be a very powerful and hollow wave – breaking right.Swell – south west/ south east

Wind – NW

Tide – high tide

Usually un-crowded.

PERISCOPE POINT Right Point Break Experienced Surfers N/A
MAWI Right – Left Coral Reef Experienced Surfers Mawi is in a beautiful scenic area – 30mins west of Kuta. It is a left-hand fast, sucky wave with plenty of power breaking across a coral reef, with a right-hander half way down the beach. Best at 3-6 foot on a rising tide. Usually un-crowded.Swell – SE

Wind – SE

MAWUN Right – Left Point Break All Surfers Works all year round. Beautiful beach – great for a swim. Outer-right and left point breaks coral reef.Swell – south/ south west

Wind – N

Tide – rising tide

KUTA Right Coral Reef All Surfers Wind – NNW
EKAS Right – Left Reef/ Rocky All Surfers 20 min boat trip from Harbour on the Kuta Lombok side. Ekas has many surf breaks in the bay. Lefts & Rights.Swell – south west/ south east

Wind – south east

Tide – rising tide

For all levels of surfers – best when 4-6 foot.

GEKO ALLEY Left Point Break Experienced Surfers N/A
GILI AIR Right Coral Reef Experienced Surfers N/A
GILI TRAWANGAN Right Coral Reef Experienced Surfers Right-hand point break over coral reef.
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