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There was the time they accidentally left the video cam running while touring on vacation. When they queued up the VCR to show the family their tour on film, the tape rolled and mom’s voice said sweetly, “There’s the town square,” while filming a nondescript government building. Things changed dramatically as the camera jostled on … Read more Ray Ban 5154 Black And Gold

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Government, a federal judge recently ruled that Twitter should not be allowed to reveal government surveillance requests it received from the US government. The decision was made over concerns that allowing Twitter to reveal surveillance requests would likely harm national security, reported Reuters. District Court for Northern California, Twitter said it was prevented from even … Read more Ray Ban 5154 Tortoise

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The injection molded process also helps create a rigid polarizing film carrier and eliminates distortion. Polarized lens treatment eliminates glare and is ideal for activities near water. Offers 100% UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. I am providing you with a timely synopsis of a series of compelling crimes which occurred last night in … Read more Ray Ban Rx 5228 Havana 2012