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And that why the newly formed Planetary Resources will be revealing its 10 year plan to do exactly that later today.The asteroid 16 Psyche is estimated to contain 170 million trillion tons of nickel iron, or enough to supply our global needs for millions of years.How much useful material is out there is astonishing. A … Read more Ray Ban Eyeglasses Prescription

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Parrot has yet to figure out the selling price for its new product. But the company is betting that Flower Power can pave the way as the first of many low power Bluetooth sensors that could transform ordinary household gadgets into smart devices. Because it’s cheaper, everything can be connected to the Internet,” said Arthur … Read more Ray Ban Eyeglasses Price In India

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Amidst the much warmer pattern, cold intrusions may try to tease us a bit to early March at times as the effects linger a hair. However, the tongues of cold will be fighting warmer, wetter factors pushing against them like the MJO, PNA, EPO, NAO the continuing solid traditional La Nina. Arctic outbreak when all … Read more Ray Ban Eyeglasses Price Philippines

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Lambda based services can exaggerate this problem when logic is distributed to a large number of small functions, requiring many to be executed to service the request. This can often lead a single request to hit 3 or 4 Lambda functions, API Gateway, databases and external services. The available memory allocations range from 128MB to … Read more Ray Ban Glasses Official Website

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If Apple is doing something, can Samsung be far behind? Barely days later, came a report that Samsung was working on a smart watch of its own. While Samsung did not officially confirm the development, spokeswoman Chenny Kim said that the company is “constantly exploring new technologies and developing various form factors,” adding further fuel … Read more Ray Ban Eyeglasses Price