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Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act, placing it in the same category as methamphetamine, heroin, LSD and Mescalin. Schedule I substances are illegal, considered to have a high potential for dependency and have no accepted medical use. Comparatively, cocaine is classified as a schedule II substance there are legitimate medical uses in some surgical procedures, said Rich Isaacson, a special agent for the Detroit division of the Drug Enforcement Administration..

Every shopping trip was a miserable experience. I was quite busty for a teen girl and it seemed like my Mom entire goal as a parent was to hide my chest. I sure it wasn her intention, but I was made to feel like a slut. If there is insufficient time available on Dec. 14 to hear oral comments from those members of the public who have registered, the PFC will likely set aside additional time after Dec. 14, so that any member of the public who wishes to offer public comment regarding this process can do so.

We need more tools. Clearly we must advocate to get common sense gun laws passed in order to limit to access to guns. Madison, like every other Wisconsin city, is pre empted from taking action to regulate firearms per Wisconsin Statute section 66.0409(2).

And so they actually form these neutron stars as normal supernovae. So there very little doubt that these massive stars that you see and the massive star forming regions that you see are going to form supernovae, because they much further away, they no threat to us. And because of their stellar winds, they will lose so much of their mass that they can make black holes and so they can make gamma ray bursts..

The week of April 25 has items of possible interest to residents of district 2 at the Board of Estimates, the Urban Design Commission, the Public Involvement Meeting for the Reconstruction of E. Johnson from N. Baldwin to First Street and the Steering Committee for the Summit Credit Union Development Proposal.

My dad, on the side, he did a lot of woodworking, like up in the wood shop, and we thought that it was really to make money. In retrospect, I think it’s just because he wanted to get out of our teeny tiny house with, you know, Mom and four kids and a dog running around. He just wanted to escape and make stuff.

The video and audio showcased the brutality of some members of the pro Trump mob that stormed the Capitol. In one clip, an officer was shown getting crushed in a doorway, while other videos showed officers getting shoved as they tried to keep rioters back. “I don see how after the American public sees the whole story laid out here .

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