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A few times a month, former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale would bring his laptop to the White House and sit “so close” to Trump that it sometimes “bothered” him, a source tells Axios. Parscale would then play through a reel of campaign ads, including many inspired by “young, pro Trump fans who sent their ideas” to him, Axios continues. One targeted CNN Don Lemon and his coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests, while another showed President Biden coughing to allege he was unwell, a source said.

It’s not clear what VW’s exact intentions are. However, this would give it an easy way to help people buy considerably more than just some time at a parking spot it could help you buy all kinds of products and services, whether you’re shopping with your phone or a connected car. VW could profit from parking requests, but it could also strike lucrative deals with companies eager to pitch their wares.

And of course, the flip side is true too. It’s not just that good sleep allows you to retain information better, it’s that a lack of sleep makes it worse. And unfortunately, you can’t just make up for a short night’s sleep with a long night of sleep the next day.

“Across this country, we train techniques on strangleholds that put people’s lives at risk. Now, we can argue that these are used as exceptions, but at the end of the day, a carotid hold, that literally is designed to stop people’s blood from flowing into their brain, has no place any longer in the 21st century practices and policing,” he said. He has directed police departments to end the practice and its training immediately..

Traffic calming is another option. Fortunately, the upcoming reduction in speed limit on E. Washington to 25mph should help. OK, this isn’t much of a question, but we get you. If you have any questions or need help submitting your event please review our step by step instructions. Still lost in the woods? Shoot an email to Dan Buckwalter, the calendar editor and overall great guy, at dan at eugeneweekly dot com.

The shelters that fit this category have been provided with referral protocol and forms. Referrals are processed by the Salvation Army. Meals are catered to these hotel units as well. Please stay out of flood water. Driving home tonight cars in front of me were already flooded and stalled. Beltline and Gammon.

This decision has not been taken lightly, nor has it been made in a vacuum. We are looking at mug shots as we look at all our coverage. Our goal is to be as judicious, thoughtful and intentional as we can be about the journalism we publish and the stories we tell about Chicagoland..

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