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Marshall exchanges the original dress’s neon green details at the waist for a less acidic grass green. The woman is depicted in front of a window, and outside sits a little house with a pink door surrounded by a white picket fence. The house is tiny compared to the woman in the ball gown.

Get the area that you’ve set aside in your home for work or school organized with a roomy desk like this model that offers an efficient L shaped design. The large surface area provides enough space to keep essentials like a printer, laptop, monitor and other supplies organized. It’s great for gamers too.

Here’s why that’s messed up. The HFPA has changed its rules for this category multiple times, and previous winners under different rules have allowed English language films produced in other countries to compete for what was then called Best Foreign Film. In fact, the most honored country in the history of this category is the United Kingdom for seven English language films.

A: We have a long history of getting started and being patient. There are lot of assets you have to bring to bear to be able to offer a phone like this. The huge content ecosystem is one of them. The Kobo Forma and Kindle Oasis are larger, but they’re also pricier. For most book lovers, the new Paperwhite is just right.13. Pocophone F1.

Frat row is bustling with eager rushes, freshmen are still frequenting Crossroads, (yet to realize how bad the food is), and Berkeley’s air is perfumed with that new book smell. School is back in session, folks. But while you were recovering from summer hangover, Andy Kim and friends were dancing it up, in his recently released video “UC Berkeley Style.”The age old controversy of Northside vs Southside dates back further than Biggie and Tupac’s Eastside Westside battle.

A kind woman in a Chevrolet stopped beside me, and asked why I was shaking, I told her, she told me she wasn going my way, but if I wanted she could drop me off in my campus. I couldn believe my ears, I took up on her offer, we raced to my college, and I just managed to get in the class with only a minute remaining. I wish I had asked her name, but I was in so much panic, I wasn thinking right and forgot to even greet and even say thank you properly, which is why, I would like to take this opportunity to give my regards to the kind woman who came in my hour of need, wherever you are, I hope this reaches you..

Aug 17, 2016: University of California, Berkeley’s chancellor announced Tuesday he plans to resign as soon as the campus finds a successor. Nicholas Dirks did not give specific reasons for his resignations in his announcement to students, faculty and staff. His announcement comes after months of scandals and criticism from both students and faculty.

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