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Similarly, CommonFloor has introduced a new initiative using the Google cardboard called Commonfloor Retina. The company is distributing a Google Cardboard headset and a free companion app that will allow you to explore different properties without leaving your home. We tried the VR headset and we had a pleasant experience.

Is reporting 972 new vaccinations administered over the past seven days for a total of 8,828 doses given. The province has administered doses at a rate of 55.652 per 1,000. For a total of 10,200 doses delivered so far. “Bob” is an example of the VT male. He did not want to be identified for obvious reasons. He is 47 years old.

Ovarian cystectomy is commonly performed to treat benign ovarian cysts, but might cause inadvertent damage to normal ovarian tissue, thereby influencing a woman’s ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve is defined as the existent quantitative and qualitative supply of follicles which are found in the ovaries that can potentially develop into mature follicles which in effect determine a woman’s reproductive potential. It is commonly quantified by the levels of serum FSH and recently by total antral follicle count (2.0 10.0 mm follicles in both ovaries) and AMH levels.

Q: Do YOU remember wild Bill? The Valley man who taunted judges and lawyers from his truck with billboard signs and a bullhorn on 4th Ave? I would love a story on him. He eventually was charged or convicted of jury tampering but the story kinda faded away in the end. I always wondered what was his beef and what happened to him?.

She and her office have indicated that the investigation will include Sen. Lindsey Graham’s phone call to Raffensperger in November about mail in ballots; the abrupt removal last month of Byung J. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, who earned Trump’s enmity for not advancing his debunked assertions about election fraud; and the false claims that Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, made before state legislative committees..

I hate the winter. Like, I really, really hate the winter. And I’ve felt this way for a long time. So it wasn that surprising that Siri and I had some difficulties connecting.I gave it another try, my co workers laughing in my direction as I handled my phone like a technologically challenged octogenarian.I have must been doing something wrong, because Siri came back with: I not sure what you said. She spelled it out for me.may be beyond my abilities at the moment. Teething problems and all that.

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